Chilli Con Carne …

Chilli con Carne 001

  This is a favourite in my house and I cook it quite often.  Chilli Con Carne is basically a stew containing meat (usually beef), capsicums, tomatoes and beans.  While the name suggests that this will be a spicy dish, it’s really up to you whether you make it mild or hot.  This recipe is […]

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How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) …

How to Organise the Bathroom Drawers (Part 1) 001

  Bathroom drawers can get very messy, especially if you have teenage girls living in the house and they have a particular fondness for makeup.  Raise your hand now if you know what I’m talking about!   Miss 21 has claimed the main bathroom as hers, which is okay because hubby and I have an […]

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Chocolate Raspberry Muffins …

Chocolate Raspberry Muffins 002

    Okay, so a muffin isn’t necessarily going to be the healthiest snack out there but this recipe is definitely an improvement on one of my old favourites.  I’ve added apple puree, which reduces the quantity of butter used and I also used low fat or skim milk, which I do in most of […]

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An Attitude for Gratitude …

An Attitude for Gratitude

  Let’s be real … life can be tough … very tough!  You only have to watch the nightly news for evidence of the stuff that’s happening, not just in our own backyard but indeed all around the world.   It would be so easy to let fear take hold and to hide in our own […]

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Party Invitations … Elephant … Free to Download …


  Last week I shared with you the “Two Little Owls” invitation that I created and that is available for you to download and print (just click on the download button below or visit the “Free Downloads” tab on the right-hand side of this page).  I’ve been busy again this week and have created another […]

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Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup …

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

  As a young teen growing up, Mum and Dad would take us to our local restaurant for a treat, the Oriental Chinese Restaurant.  It was located in Southport and had been there as long as I could remember.  If memory serves, it only had room for around eight or nine tables and each one […]

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Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo …


  We have been fortunate to travel to various parts of Japan and, without a doubt, one of the highlights of our first trip was to attend a Sumo Wrestling match in Tokyo.  Timing is important if you wish to attend a match as there are only six major tournaments held each year:  three at […]

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How to Organise the Bathroom Cupboard …

How to Organise the Bathroom Cupboard 004

  Although our main bathroom is actually quite small, the bathroom cupboard is a reasonable size.  So to make the most of the space available, I decided to declutter the cupboard and give it a good clean.  Here’s how I did it, along with my top tips:   I removed everything from the cupboard so […]

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Party Invitations … Two Little Owls … Free to Download …


  The first step to hosting a fantastic party is a fantastic party invitation!  Whether it’s a birthday party or some other special occasion, nothing creates excitement more for young children than a great invitation.  In the coming weeks I will be making available to my readers a lovely selection of invitations for you to […]

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Chocolate Bliss Balls …

Chocolate Bliss Balls 002

  I love anything that I can whip up, in no time at all, into a little ball of goodness and these Chocolate Bliss Balls certainly fit the bill.  I also love that they contain no sugar or gluten and are made from beautiful, delicious, luscious, fresh dates.   They are so easy to make […]

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New Beginnings …


  Hello and welcome to my blog!   I had hoped to publish my first post on January 1st.  Unfortunately, fate and the universe had other ideas but here we are anyway.  It is still early in 2014 and for me this still represents a new beginning!   I just love a new beginning, don’t […]

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