Bon Voyage … My Sweet Girl …


  My house is feeling a lot emptier than usual … 5 days ago, I said farewell to Miss 18 as she embarked on a Gap Year to the UK.  I’ve known it was coming for such a long time but it still managed to creep up on me until suddenly it was no longer something that was going to happen in the future … instead it was happening NOW and then, just as quickly, NOW became yesterday … and she was gone!   Her Gap Year was organised by her former school.  There are 14 students in total going and they have each been placed to live and work in a school in the UK for a … read more

Don’t be Afraid to Fail …


  Image Credit:   Like most people, I find myself scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook at some stage during the day. I don’t stop to read everything but every now again, something will grab my attention and I’ll either click through to page to read more or watch a video. The other day, I stumbled across a Commencement Speech given by Charlie Day to his old alma mater at Merrimack College to the graduating students of 2014 with a view to imparting some words of wisdom.   As I watched the video, I instantly … read more

A Mothers Survival Guide to Shopping for a Formal Dress …

A Mother's Survival Guide to Shopping for a Formal Dress 001

  Around about this time each year, many girls begin the search for their formal dress.  It can be a fun time but it can also be incredibly stressful.  I've been through it twice now and I can happily report that I survived both times, so here are a few tips to help you if you’re about to hit the shops:   Lay some ground rules ... remind your daughter that your opinions may vary.  Ask her to respect yours but remember you must do the same in return.   Set a budget ... a School Formal can be a very expensive night ... there's shoes, … read more

Adult Colouring In … why it’s a “Thing” and how you can benefit! Plus 2 Free Printables!

Adult Colouring In … why it's a Thing and how you can benefit! 001

  I've always known colouring in was therapeutic ... after all, I am the Mum of three beautiful girls and an aunt to over 30 nieces and nephews and I've done more than my fair share of it over the years.   When my girls were little, we'd sit down frequently to colour and draw and it would make me laugh when I realised I was still sitting colouring, lost in my own little world, long after they'd snuck away to entertain themselves with something else.  I used to find it very relaxing because, for those brief minutes, the act of colouring allowed me to switch … read more

Mother Knows Best …


  Mums are clever and usually always right (as much as we sometimes hate to admit that)!  However, there’s a certain security and trust in their wisdom because it comes from years and years of experience.  Mums constantly share little pieces of information and encouragement to help and guide us as we navigate our way through childhood.  My own Mum certainly dished out her own little “pearls of wisdom” and, although I’m sure she felt her words sometimes fell on deaf ears, I can assure her, I really was listening! And what’s ironic is, now that I have my own … read more