The Ultimate Laundry Guide for Anyone who Hates Ironing or Wants to Cut their Ironing Time Dramatically …


  Keeping up with the ironing is a major challenge in most households.  No sooner do you finish one pile than another seems to magically appear … it’s a never-ending cycle … wash, dry, iron, repeat!  It’s repetitive, tedious and certainly not my idea of a good time.  I’ve spent years trying to simplify my life, creating new habits and implementing practical routines to save my time and finding ways to reduce the amount of time I spend ironing has always been a priority.   So, if you feel like you spend half of your life chained to the ironing board, here are … read more

Why I Don’t have an Outdoor Clothes Line!

Why I Don't have an Outdoor Clothes Line! 001

  A couple of years ago, I got rid of my outdoor clothesline and before you call me crazy, I'll tell you why!   Most years, we experience periods of wet weather around cyclone season at the start of the year, and then again in winter, and for anyone trying desperately to stay on top of their washing when it’s wet, raining and miserable, it can prove to be almost impossible.  It can also be extremely frustrating because there's only so long you can ignore the growing piles of washing.   That's why, a couple of years ago, I arranged for the … read more

Laundry Posters … Free to Download …

Laundry Posters 001

  A lovely piece of artwork displayed in any room can really add some character or a splash of colour to the walls. Posters, photos and pictures are the perfect way to decorate a room and add a finishing touch to the décor. So, today I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you! I’ve designed some gorgeous posters for you to download, print, frame and use to decorate your Laundry.   Simply click on the “free to download” box on the right-hand side of the blog, click on “Posters and Wall Art” and then choose from one of seven fantastic colours to match the décor … read more

Sorting and Organising Dirty Laundry … A Reader Question Answered …

Sorting and Organising Dirty Laundry 001

  Today’s post is the result of a reader question from Sally in Townsville, Queensland:   “Hi Mrs O, I need some ideas for my Laundry! I’m looking for some tips that will help me get better organised and spend less time in the laundry. Can you please HELP!!”   What a great question and I’m certain most of us share Sally’s frustration and would love to spend less time doing the laundry. Why? because most days it feels like an endless, thankless, overwhelming job that never ends! Can you relate to that?   So to make the job easier, to save time … read more

Laundry Cupboards … Decluttered, Cleaned and Organised in less than One Hour!

Laundry Cupboards … Decluttered, Cleaned and Organised in less than an Hour! 001

    Despite the fact that I’m normally very organised, my laundry cupboard has definitely been in need of some tender loving care. I previously kept all of my laundry needs and products in a single cupboard, which had just been ignored completely and was totally out of control. It had become too easy for myself and other family members to simply toss things anywhere and here’s what it ended up looking like:     Slightly embarrassing but just keeping it real … time to regain control!   My laundry was actually not a bad … read more

Show your Tea Towels Some Love …

Show Your Tea Towels Some Love 001

Tea towels are one of those things that don’t really get much thought.  However, because they are used in the kitchen for food preparation, they work pretty hard and really do need a little bit of tender loving care. Tea towels sometimes sit scrunched up and wet on the kitchen bench (particularly when you’re cooking) or they sit damp amongst the washing in the laundry waiting to be washed.  Unfortunately, either of those things will make your humble tea towel a breeding ground for bacteria because it never gets the chance to dry out properly. So here’s a few things … read more