Decluttering (Part 9) … What to do with the Items you no Longer Need or Want …


    If you’re just joining the “Mrs Organised” community … Welcome!  It’s nice to meet you!  Before you read today’s post, however, you might like to catch up on the first 8 parts of my series devoted to decluttering … simply click on the links below:   Part 1 … What is Clutter?   Part 2 … The benefits of decluttering   Part 3 … When will I find the time to declutter?   Part 4 … Questions you need to ask to help you declutter   Part 5 … A “how to” guide to a less cluttered home and life and where … read more

10 Essential Tips for Keeping your Fridge Tidy and Organised …


      I’m usually quite organised but even my fridge can end up looking overloaded and a bit of a jumbled mess from time to time.  My kids are the worst culprits and seem to open the door and just put stuff back anywhere.   Just like other areas of the home, however, there are some significant benefits to having the fridge tidy and organised:   Visibility is improved and food items are easier to find   Food wastage is reduced which in turn saves money   Leftovers are more likely to be used … read more

You’ve Got Mail … Creating a Place to Store & Organise your Mail …

You’ve Got Mail … Creating a Place to Store and Organise your Mail 001

  Do you have a system for storing and organising your mail or does it go something like this? You arrive home either at the end of the working day or after school pick up and grab your mail from the letterbox. You head inside, flicking though your mail as you go to see if anything grabs your attention. You might open one or two envelopes (and groan when you see it’s a bill) and then you dump the mail. It could be on the hall table, maybe the dining room table or your mail might even make it as far as the kitchen bench.   I can definitely relate to that … read more

Decluttering (Part 8) … Decluttering Checklist … FREE to Download …

Decluttering (Part 8) … Decluttering Checklist … FREE to Download

  Today I wanted to share with you a fantastic checklist that I’ve created which has helped me declutter my home and it might help you as well.  And if you’re joining us for the first time, here are the links to the rest of the Decluttering Series Parts 1 - 7:   What is clutter? (Part 1)   Decluttering (Part 2) … The Benefits of Declutteirng   Decluttering (Part 3) … When Will I Find the Time to Declutter?   Decluttering (Part 4) … Questions You Need to Ask to Help You Declutter   Decluterring (Part 5) … A … read more

Simple Ideas for Organising Plastic Cards in Your Wallet, Purse or Handbag …

Simple Ideas for Organising Plastic Cards in Your Wallet, Purse or Handbag 001

  I really do miss the days when my wallet only held money and maybe 2 or 3 plastic cards! Now when most people open their purses or wallets they seem overloaded with plastic cards of all kinds. There’s Library cards, Credit Cards, EFTPOS cards, Store Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Reward for Purchase Cards, Membership Cards and the list goes on.   So if your purse or wallet is groaning under the weight of all these cards and splitting at the seams, here are a couple of tips and suggestions:   Start by decluttering … empty your wallet/purse … read more

How many Coffee Mugs are too many? Decluttering and Organising Coffee Mugs and Glasses …

Mugs and Glasses 001

  Isn’t it amazing how some things accumulate without us even realising it! I’m pretty organised and generally feel in control of clutter but I was a little alarmed on the weekend, when I noticed the number of coffee mugs and glasses we had. I was really surprised that I hadn’t noticed before!   Mugs and glasses were everywhere:   one shelf of an overhead cupboard stored our everyday mugs and glasses   another shelf in a different overhead cupboard stored another 12 white coffee mugs that matched my dinner set (but were never used) … read more

8 Simple Tips to Help your Teens Organise their Makeup and Skincare …

8 Simple Tips to Help your Teens Organise their Makeup and Skincare 001

  Ask any mother of a teenage girl if their daughter manages to keep their makeup and skincare tidy and well organised and, in most cases, you'll be greeted with a sigh of resignation or, in severe cases, a wide-eyed look of near hysteria.   I know because I'm the mum of three girls and this has always been one area that we've struggled with.  My girls (like most) love makeup and they all have huge collections that never seem to stay organised.  The girls always seem to be in a hurry, with their makeup applied at the last minute and then tossed aside in a … read more

Decluttering (Part 7) … Is it time to “Say Goodbye” to your Sentimental Clutter?

Decluttering … Is it time to Say Goodbye to your Sentimental Clutter 001

  I love to declutter and get organised and I can be quite ruthless. So much so, that hubby tells the kids not to stand still in one spot for too long or they could end up either in a box (with a label, of course) or in the rubbish. Surely I’m not that bad am I? But when it comes to getting rid of sentimental items … well, that can be more difficult!   Sentimental items are the things we get attached to because they can pull on our heart strings and trigger emotions and memories that relate to:   a person who was close to us a special time in … read more

Trophies & Awards … Simple Ideas to Help you Declutter and Display …

Trophies & Awards … Simple Ideas to help you Declutter & Display

  Now that the kids have been back at school for a couple of weeks, I’ve had some extra time to devote to a few little projects around the house. I’m slowly working from room to room, decluttering as I go and I’ve been pretty ruthless. It really feels great to get rid of stuff that I no longer need and that is simply taking up space.   I was helping Miss 16 clear out her room and we found a big box of trophies, medals and ribbons hiding in the top of her wardrobe. Over the years she has played a lot of different sports, accumulating quite a few trophies … read more

Laundry Cupboards … Decluttered, Cleaned and Organised in less than One Hour!

Laundry Cupboards … Decluttered, Cleaned and Organised in less than an Hour! 001

    Despite the fact that I’m normally very organised, my laundry cupboard has definitely been in need of some tender loving care. I previously kept all of my laundry needs and products in a single cupboard, which had just been ignored completely and was totally out of control. It had become too easy for myself and other family members to simply toss things anywhere and here’s what it ended up looking like:     Slightly embarrassing but just keeping it real … time to regain control!   My laundry was actually not a bad … read more

Decluttering (Part 6) The Importance of Creating a “HOME” for Everything …

Decluttering … the Importance of Creating a Home for Everything

  Welcome to Part 6 of the Decluttering Series. Here’s a list of what we’ve covered so far (click on each link to read):   What is clutter?   The benefits of decluttering   When will I find the time to declutter?   Questions you need to ask to help you declutter   A “how to” guide to a less cluttered home and life and where to start   Most of you will have heard the old saying “a home for everything and everything in its place”. It was drilled into me as a youngster and I’m certain it was one … read more

Tips for Storing and Organising Herbs and Spices …

Tips for Storing and Organising Herbs and Spices 001

  For the record, I couldn’t survive without my herbs and spices. I use a lot of fresh herbs like coriander, lemongrass and parsley and I grow my own basil but I also have a huge collection of dried herbs and spices, which I use when I cook.   When I renovated my kitchen, I tried to consider where everything would be stored once it was complete and I wanted to find a great solution to how I would store my herbs and spices. In a previous kitchen, I had stored these in wire racks that were attached to the inside of cupboard doors and that worked really well. … read more

Decluttering (Part 5) … A How to Guide and Where to Start …

Decluttering … A How to Guide … 001

  Previously on the blog, we’ve talked about Decluttering and if you have just joined in, you can catch up on your reading by clicking on the links below:   Part 1:  What is Clutter?   Part 2:  The Benefits of Decluttering   Part 3:  Where will I find the time to declutter?   Part 4:  Questions you need to ask yourself to help you declutter   So it’s time for me to share my tips on HOW I declutter … the actual process I use to get more organised.  This is what I do … it may or may not work for you but if … read more

Decluttering and Organising Magazines and Newspapers …

Decluttering & Organising Magazines & Newspapers 001

Most days, life is crazy and super busy.  Working, cooking, cleaning and looking after the family, can leave us with very little time for ourselves.  So when I do get 5 minutes of "me" time, I love to sit down with a hot chocolate or cold drink and a magazine ... just a little bit of time to wind down, put my feet up and relax.  However, as a result, I had accumulated quite a few piles of old magazines that I'd stored on different shelves and in cupboards around the house … old magazines that hadn’t been touched for years and were simply taking up valuable … read more

4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks …

4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks 001

Storing the trays, racks and things we use for baking can be a bit of a challenge.  Mostly they end up stacked in an uneven pile in a cupboard.  It’s difficult to keep tidy because everything is different sizes and it’s frustrating when you want the item on the bottom of the pile.  Sound familiar?? So when I renovated my kitchen about 8 years ago, I put a lot of thought into what would be stored in each drawer and cupboard and I definitely wanted a solution for my baking trays, muffin trays, cake tins and oven racks.  Ideally, I wanted to stand them up so they could … read more