Boxing Day Sales Survival Guide …

Boxing Day Sales Survival Guide


Merry Christmas, everyone!


I hope everyone had a wonderful day spent with family and friends and if you aren’t sick of the shops, the Boxing Day Sales start tomorrow.


I love the Boxing Day Sales and, for me and my girls, it’s a bit of a tradition. While the boys settle in at home to watch the cricket, we hit the shops. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make some great savings but there are a few tricks to make sure you get the best out of the sales. Here are my top tips:


  • Plan ahead. This is the time of year to buy those things that the family needs but you’re not desperate for e.g. towels, sheets, kitchen items, work clothing, updating an appliance, etc. I like to keep a list throughout the year so that I’m prepared and can make significant savings on things I don’t need to buy urgently. Boxing Day Sales are also a great opportunity to start next years’ birthday, anniversary and Christmas shopping. We’ve all heard the saying “the early bird catches the worm” so find some great bargains, save a fortune and put those gifts away until you need them.


  • Don’t overspend and set a budget. This will allow you to control your spending and set a limit. By shopping at the Boxing Day Sales, chances are you will be able to find gifts that are worth much more than the budget you have set.


  • Stick to your list. It’s very easy to go on a spending spree on Boxing Day because everything is so cheap but remember, a bargain is only a bargain if you manage to save money on something you either needed or something you actually planned to buy. Buying an item just because it’s cheap is not a good deal if you spend money you don’t have or buy something you really didn’t need.


  • Do your homework. Research is the name of the game when it comes to shopping at the Sales. Once you have a list, search the catalogues and then get on the internet. A lot of stores will advertise their specials online as early as Christmas Eve. Christmas in particular is a time when retailers want to get rid of excess stock, particularly seasonal items like decorations, Christmas wrapping paper and cards.


  • Negotiate.  Don’t be afraid to use your phone to compare the prices of an item in the store before heading to the checkout. If you are buying appliances, ask for further savings even if items appear to already be heavily discounted. The worse that can happen is a salesman will say no but, unless you ask, you don’t know.


  • Start early. All serious shoppers know that the best bargains are to be had first thing in the morning. Not only that but fighting for a carpark can be extremely frustrating … just ask anyone who arrives after 10.00 am.


  • Be methodical. Work out a plan before you get to the shopping Centre. Know where you want to go, know what you want to buy and plan a rough route so you’re not running back and forward from one side of the Shopping Centre to the other.


  • Where comfortable clothing and shoes. Shopping at the Boxing Day Sales can mean a long day so you want to be comfortable and not end up with sore feet.


  • Hydrate and don’t forget to eat. Make sure you carry water because shopping is thirsty work. Eat a good brekkie before you go and remember also to schedule a lunch break to recharge your batteries.


  • Leave the kids at home. The crowds on Boxing Day are huge and I find small children can get tired and bored easily so I used to leave them at home so I could focus on my shopping.


  • Remember your manners and be patient. Over the years, I’ve witnessed some fairly average behaviour from some shoppers on Boxing Day. Some shoppers can be pretty determined to get a carpark, grab the last item on sale or jump queues at checkouts. I’ve learned to take a deep breath and count to ten … it usually works.


  • Look after your handbag and your money. When you’re loaded down with shopping bags, it can be very easy to put your bag down without thinking or leave it hanging on the back of a chair. Don’t leave your handbag unattended in a fitting room or trolley and keep your wallet securely zipped up in your handbag. Crowds are huge on Boxing Day and it’s important to protect your valuables like cash, credit cards and mobile phones.


  • Remember to use gift cards received on Xmas Day. Most gift cards have an expiry date so make sure they get used and not lost in your wallet.


So, tell me, do you enjoy the Boxing Day Sales or do you avoid them altogether?

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