4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks …

4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks 001

Storing the trays, racks and things we use for baking can be a bit of a challenge.  Mostly they end up stacked in an uneven pile in a cupboard.  It’s difficult to keep tidy because everything is different sizes and it’s frustrating when you want the item on the bottom of the pile.  Sound familiar??

So when I renovated my kitchen about 8 years ago, I put a lot of thought into what would be stored in each drawer and cupboard and I definitely wanted a solution for my baking trays, muffin trays, cake tins and oven racks.  Ideally, I wanted to stand them up so they could slide in and out easily and also so I could see everything clearly.  I talked to the cabinet maker and this is what we came up with:  a deep drawer the size of a small cupboard with vertical dividers to section off the drawer and help items to stand up neatly.  Problem solved!

 4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks 002

As well as using this for baking items, it’s also been fantastic for storing cutting boards and large platters.

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I also wanted to use up every bit of available space and noticed that the corner cupboard to the right of the oven was very wide.  We installed a 2 level rotating rack (kind of like a “lazy susan”) for the pots, pans and appliances such as the slow cooker and rice cooker and in the extra space that was left over, I got the cabinet maker to put in a divider.  This created a narrow space for all my oven racks, baking trays, cooling racks and pizza trays, locating them right beside the oven and just where I needed them.  These two ideas have proved to be really simple but practical solutions.

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Now if you’re not renovating or building any time soon it may be possible to retro fit either of these ideas if you have a clever hubby, friend or cabinet maker, alternatively, here are two more simple ideas that work just as well.

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Clean out the cupboard where your baking trays are currently stored, grab a basket and stand all the trays neatly in a row.  The basket will keep them all together and will slide in and out of the cupboard easily, improving access to your trays.

4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks 004

And the final idea is try to find a Vertical Organiser.  I bought one for my eldest daughter for her kitchen last week from Aldi for only $4.99.  Simply slide it in to an empty space in the cupboard and then sort and store all your trays.

4 Great Ideas for Organising Baking Trays and Racks 005

So tell me, do you get frustrated with your baking trays and need a solution?  Which of the four ideas appeals to you the most?


  1. My baking trays are ok but it’s my pots and all the stuff in that deep dark corner in one cupboard that annoy me. I wish I had bought the pull out attachment now!

    • This was the reason when I renovated that I installed nearly all drawers … it just makes everything so much easier to get to and allows you to use all the space. Baskets, though, are a great way to create the same kind of effect but check with a cabinetmaker as they might still be able to convert the cupboard to a drawer!

  2. I would love my kitchen cupboards to be more organised. I use a wire thingy like the vertical organiser just above, for all my baking trays – I picked it up for next to nothing at Recycleland (the shop at the tip!), and it’s great! Hubby is on long service leave at the moment and has done a couple of things for me too, like added a couple of extra narrow shelves in the pantry for all those cans :-)

    • I bet that extra shelving is helping a lot … make sure you get him to do all those little jobs that you’ve had on your “To Do List” before he goes back to work!

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