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Being a Mumma can be the most rewarding thing any of us ever do but it can also be really hard.  As much as we love our kids, it can often feel like “groundhog day” … endless days of relentless routine and days where nothing goes right … you know what I mean!  Some days it feels like the world is crashing down around us.  There are days when the littlies are sick and want nothing more than to be carried all the time which makes it harder to get much else done.  There are days when the hours fly by like they are minutes and days when the house feels like it’s closing in around you.  We’ve all felt like that at some stage, so when I saw a competition recently asking for Mum’s top tips for staying sane, I wrote a poem.  There were several prizes being given away and I was lucky enough to win a beautiful set of 9 Nesting Bowls by Joseph Joseph from the Kitchenware valued at $90.  How exciting … I just love it when I win something.  Here is my winning poem, hope you like it!


Being a wife and a mother is tough,

when you’re tired, your stressed and you’ve just had enough!

And although I’m no expert, I’ve got secrets to share

on how to stay sane and not pull out your hair!

When the kids push your buttons and everyone’s moaning,

remember these tips before your head is exploding!!


Tip Number One is to develop a good routine,

the kids will adjust and your house will run like a dream!

Set times for homework, activities and chores,

and create colourful charts attached to bedroom doors!


Tip Number Two, please don’t worry about mess,

just do the basics and learn not to obsess!

The ironing and vacuuming can wait till tomorrow,

don’t look back from your future with regret and with sorrow,

that the cooking and housework was your top priority

over quality time with your growing family!


Tip Number Three, exercise and look after yourself

because your greatest asset is your fitness and health!

Make time for yoga or just go for a run,

It doesn’t matter what you choose, it just has to be fun!!


Tip Four get a hobby, learn to knit, crochet or sew,

it’s wonderful to relax and good for the soul, don’t you know!

Maybe you could scrapbook, it really doesn’t matter,

as long as it stops you from being “mad as a hatter”!


Tip Five go out for a movie, some dinner and wine,

with Mum, hubby, partner, girlfriends, whoever, that’s fine!

The kids will all survive and you’ll be there in the morning,

to make breakfast and lunches although you’ll probably be yawning!


Tip Six, ditch the guilt and don’t ever compare

to seemingly “perfect” Mums, that’s really not fair!

Their darlings can be naughty, little “devils in disguise”,

closed doors tell no secrets and can hide many lies!


Tip Seven, don’t be scared, if you need help, just ask!

Your family and friends are all up to the task

of coming to your rescue when it’s all too much to bear,

so you can go for a walk and just get some fresh air!!


Tip Eight, spoil yourself, do your makeup and hair,

paint your nails, bathe in bubbles, it’s about you, you must care!

Be happy and positive and soon you’ll observe,

things really aren’t so bad and less gets on your nerve!


Tip Nine please get organised, invent a meal plan,

have faith you’re a great Mum and tell yourself you can,

cope with the challenges that land in your lap!

Stay calm, count your blessings and don’t get in a flap!!


Tip Ten, laugh through the dramas, happy kids your reward,

life will never get dull and you’ll never be bored!

Play in the rain, climb a tree, sing a song,

shared time when they’re little doesn’t last very long!

Because the memories you create, you just can’t replace

And your satisfaction will come with the smiles on their face!!!


So there you have it, my thoughts and suggestions

of the advice I would give if you asked such a question,

of how to stay sane and survive day to day,

so that every day is sunny, never cloudy and grey!!


So tell me, when family life gets a bit crazy, what’s your top tip for restoring your sanity?

PS  The cool photo above is Miss 24 at Universal Studios in Japan in 2007 and she kindly agreed to me publishing it on the blog.


  1. And there is a secret talent Ms Poet and I didnt know it 😉 Am I allowed to say coping cordial helps to keep me sane? No? OK gratitude, thinking about how much I am grateful for helps to restore my sanity xx

  2. Congratulations on your winning poem; and that’s a great prize. You’re very clever with words and you had some great advice in their too xx

    • Thanks, Charlie. I think the most important tip for Mum’s is to look after themselves because if we don’t, no one else will!

  3. What a fabulous (and funny, and true) poem! Congrats on winning :-)

    • Thank you, Petra. Considering I almost failed English at school, I think it’s quite ironic that I’ve won some wonderful competitions with some poetry … go figure!

  4. Wow! Of course you won, that was fantastic!

    • Thanks Jodi, that’s so sweet of you! Entering competitions is a bit of a hobby that I enjoy in what little spare time I have. I love anything where the entrant needs to write something and it’s great for keeping my poor brain active!

  5. Wow. This poem is amazing!! I need to print it off and have it hanging somewhere in my house! I’m not surprised you won with this! xx

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