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Like a lot of other bloggers, I have created a page where I will compile a list of blogs that I love to follow.  I intend to add the names one at a time because, rather than just create a list, I would like to do a whole blog post about each of these wonderful bloggers.


Why?  Because these people (mostly ladies) are amazing!  They put hours and hours and huge amounts of effort into developing their blogs and into each and every post (as I have now discovered being a “newbie blogger”).  They do it for themselves because they enjoy it but more than that, they do it for their lovely readers … the people who stop by each day.  These bloggers have inspired me so much that I decided to create my own blog so that I too could share my stories, tips, thoughts, ideas and snippets of my life.


So to each and every one of you … thank you!  Thank you for inspiring and motivating me, thank you for allowing me to get to know you, thank you for allowing me into your virtual world but thank you most of all for your support.  As the “new kid on the block” it’s been terribly scary and daunting to venture into the world of blogging but I have to say, I’ve been greeted with so much warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement.  It makes me believe in myself … hey, I can actually do this!


So to get the ball rolling the first blogger whom I will add to my list is … drum roll please … Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella.  Not Quite Nigella is probably the first blog I encountered almost two years ago.  Lorraine ran a competition on her blog offering the winner a set of 4 beautiful Linen Tea Towels, one Market Tote and and a Greeting Card Pack of 12 from Kookery with the total prize value:  $161.75.  To be in the running to win, you had to leave a comment on the blog describing the tea towel you were using.


So as I often do, when stumbling on a competition that requires the entrant to write something creative, I wrote a little poem and to my sheer delight I won.  Here is my entry:


My current tea towel is little more than a rag,

and probably belongs in the garbage bag!

It’s served me well but its time has come,

I definitely could use a beautiful, new one!!

My tea towel has dried its fair share of dishes,

after hours in the kitchen baking all things delicious!

It’s wiped off the benches and spills on the floor,

and spent its whole life on the hook by the door.

It’s old and it’s thin and a terrible shade of blue,

with frayed, ripped edges – very sad but it’s true!

And as I say farewell and prepare to throw it away,

I pray that a new one will arrive to save the day!!


So thank you, Lorraine.  I’d love to say that I got to enjoy my beautiful prize but Miss 24 was in the process of moving out of home at the time, took one look at my prize pack, commented how they would look amazing at her new place and that’s exactly where they ended up … at her new place.  I’m not complaining though as it was lovely to give her my prize and she was very grateful.  Incidentally, she is still using those gorgeous tea towels to this very day.


So what is it that I love about Lorraine’s blog?  Well, that’s simple.  Firstly, she writes about a subject that’s close to my own heart … food!  To quote Lorraine from her blog she is “a cake and food enthusiast who believes that cakes belong in an art gallery“.  I find myself drooling over her creations as well as the beautiful meals that she gets to sample when she dines out.  Another one of her topics that gets me excited … travel!  Lorraine shares her travel stories with such descriptive language and beautiful photos that I almost feel I’m travelling with her.  Finally, I love the quirky stories that Lorraine shares in her posts.  I find myself giggling most days at her antics and recollections of events over the years as well as her enchanting stories about her family and friends … priceless.


Lorraine was also the very first person to leave a comment on my blog.  Her generous gesture certainly warmed the heart of the “newbie on the block” and I think I may have even shed a tear.  Thank you again Lorraine, keep writing your wonderful stories in your own unique style and I, for one, will continue to read.


If you would like to have a peek at Lorraine’s blog, you can find it at and in the words of Molly Meldrum… “Do yourself a favour”.


So tell me, who are some of your favourite bloggers?



  1. Dear Sandie, it’s my turn now. I’m so delighted to be the first on your blogroll and your beautifully kind words put such a smile to my face. And yes I do remember that Kookery competition – your entry was a clear winner! Thank you so much and I’m totally honoured! xxx

    • I’m so pleased you like the post … I usually prefer to gain someone’s approval before I mention them by name but I also wan’t to surprise you … SURPRISE! x

  2. That’s a great poem and so I’m not surprised you won! I know what it’s like with young adults though taking over all your prized possessions including tea towels! Lorraine was one of the first people to leave a comment on my blog too! xx

    • Hi Charlie, in the near future I’ll share some other little poems that have helped me to snare some amazing prizes. I must also thank you as well for your support as you’ve joined Lorraine in following my blog almost from the first day … at least I know a couple of people are reading!

  3. Great work on winning – bugger that kids always take all our good stuff.

    • Kids do have a habit of running off with stuff, especially when they move out. I was lucky though, when Miss 24 moved out she had managed to accumulate most things that she needed and she had also saved enough money to buy her furniture.

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