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Although our main bathroom is actually quite small, the bathroom cupboard is a reasonable size.  So to make the most of the space available, I decided to declutter the cupboard and give it a good clean.  Here’s how I did it, along with my top tips:


  • I removed everything from the cupboard so that all that was remaining was glorious empty space.


  • I wiped down the sides and bottom of the cupboard (including any shelving) with a damp cloth using Spray and Wipe.  For marks or stains that are a bit harder to shift, I would use something like Gumption.  I gave the cupboard a second wipe down with just clean water and a sponge to remove all residue from any cleaning products I used and allowed it to thoroughly dry.


  • Now is the time to treat the cupboard with Insect Surface Spray, if you like.  I usually do this once a year.  If I do spray the cupboards, I leave them overnight so the Insect Spray completely dries and I also leave the cupboard doors open.  If possible, I also like to leave the window open overnight to eliminate any odour or smell from the spray.


  • I then decided what items I wanted to keep in the space.  I like to group similar items (like toiletry bags) together in one spot rather than them being scattered in bathrooms, bedrooms and cupboards around the house.  This saves me duplicating items when I can’t find them and everyone eventually learns where to look when they need that particular item.


  • I carefully measured the space I had to work with.  I did a quick search around the house to see if I had containers/baskets/crates that would do the job and fit the space perfectly.  Unfortunately, I didn’t so I took off for a little shopping expedition to find what I need.  For this project I purchased a medium-sized crate with a lid (18 litre capacity by Willow) to store our family toiletry bags and makeup cases.  This was from Big W and cost $10.28.  I purchased two square clear acrylic boxes (measuring 20cm x 20cm x 15cm by InterDesign) to store the spare bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner.  I also found these at Big W for $14.00 each.  I especially love the 2 cutouts for handles on either side of these containers making them easy to grip to lift in and out of the cupboard.  I prefer to use plastic containers in the bathroom as they are easy to clean and won’t absorb any mould.  I also purchased two lovely plastic baskets for the top shelf to store hand towels in one and face washers in the other.  These were purchased from Stacks and cost $3.00 each.  Finally, I purchased a matching basket with handles, also from Stacks for $4.00, to create a Cleaning Kit for this bathroom (I will post about this soon). A word of caution:  I would only store a Cleaning Kit in the bathroom once the kids are much older.  Smaller children and chemicals certainly don’t mix.


How to Organise the Bathroom Cupboard 005


  • DECLUTTER!  This is probably the most important step in the whole process.  Now is the time to be brutal and to get rid of everything I no longer used, was out of date,  old or damaged or needed to be replaced.  Don’t put anything back in the cupboard that you no longer need.


  • I then organised all items into the containers and packed and stored everything neatly.


  • I created a lovely set of labels for all the containers so it’s easy to identify everything.  I like to use clear containers as much as possible, as it’s much easier to see what’s inside.  Stay tuned as I will be providing these labels on the site to download for free.


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This was not a huge job once I’d planned the space and had all the containers I needed to get the job done.  And it was certainly rewarding to stand back and appreciate a lovely clean, organised and decluttered space.


So tell me, do you find your bathroom cupboards are usually well organised or are they deep dark spaces that make you cringe and shudder?


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  1. What an easy way to be organised! I would love it if you joined and contributed your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party!

  2. Primrose20 says:

    Discovered this blog following a link from IHeartOrganising! How did you create your lovely labels?

    • Hi, my daughter is studying Graphic Design so she whipped these up for me … you should be able to create something similar in Word. I will be creating more labels so click on the “free to download” link on the right side of the site on the sidebar, find the Labels category and then download what you need absolutely free!

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