Date and Orange Loaf …

Date and Orange Loaf 001

  This Date and Orange Loaf is a delightful combination of flavours. Once again I’ve used my two favourite smaller loaf tins for this recipe. They are just the perfect size and I find I get a more consistent texture through each of the loaves. I bought them from Daiso and use them a lot when I bake. They measure 18 cm long x 8.5 cm wide x 6 cm deep. You could bake this as a single loaf in a larger tin but you would need to adjust the cooking times and bake these for a little longer to cook them … [Continue reading...]

A Mothers Survival Guide to Shopping for a Formal Dress …

A Mother's Survival Guide to Shopping for a Formal Dress 001

  Around about this time each year, many girls begin the search for their formal dress.  It can be a fun time but it can also be incredibly stressful.  I've been through it twice now and I can happily report that I survived both times, so here are a few tips to help you if you’re about to hit the shops:   Lay some ground rules ... remind your daughter that your opinions may vary.  Ask her to respect yours but remember you must do the same in return.   Set a budget ... … [Continue reading...]

Apple Spice Loaf …

Apple Spice Loaf 001

  It’s no secret that I love any recipe that can be whipped up in a single bowl and this Apple Spice Loaf is one such recipe. Divinely simple and just as delicious, I guarantee this will become a firm favourite. This loaf is so moist and freezes beautifully, making it perfect to bake on […]

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10 Essential Tips for Renovating a Bathroom …

10 Essential Tips for Renovating a Bathroom 001

  Bathrooms may be small but they’re also one of the most important rooms in your home. Hubby and I have just finished renovating our ensuite. We’re so thrilled with the end result and, I’m happy to report, it was a relatively smooth process, so much so we are now tackling the main bathroom.   […]

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Pumpkin and Vegetable Soup …

Pumpkin and Vegetable Soup

  It won’t be long before summer is a distant memory and we’ll be looking for delicious, comfort food to warm our tummies … and here it is … Pumpkin and Vegetable Soup. This is a great soup recipe to whip up at the end of the week when you open the vegetable crisper in […]

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Lemon Blueberry Muffins …

Lemon Blueberry Muffins 001

  Here’s another fantastic muffin recipe to add to your collection … Lemon Blueberry Muffins. This is an easy recipe that you can whip up and serve for morning or afternoon tea or even freeze for school lunches. The sweetness of the blueberries combined with the gorgeous lemon flavour guarantees that these will become a […]

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Lemon Cupcakes …

Lemon Cupcakes

  Talk about a blast from the past! I was organising my cookbooks on the weekend and I stumbled across some recipes from my Home Economics class from my school days. There were some golden oldies amongst the pages like Rock Cakes, Anzac Biscuits, Scones, Chocolate Brownies and many more but also this recipe for […]

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San Choy Bow …

San Choy Bow

  There’s no need to spend money on expensive takeaway when you can create gorgeous dishes like San Choy Bow in your own kitchen. This is such a hit with my kids, is often requested and disappears before my eyes once it’s served. It’s also quick and easy to make and super healthy using beautiful, […]

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Chicken and Vegetable Lemongrass Curry …

Chicken and Vegetable Lemongrass Curry

    I’ve got a few curry recipes that I cook regularly but this one is a definite favourite. It’s packed with flavour but still quite mild … even the kids love it. It’s loaded with veggies, light on the calories and cooked in a single pot, so cleaning up is a breeze. Enjoy!   […]

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Bathroom Cleaning Kit Essentials …

Bathroom Cleaning Kit Essentials 001

  When you think about the number of cleaning products that the average household needs, it can become quite a collection. There are cleaning products for the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and so on, and these are often kept in a central cupboard/area. However, I’ve always looked for ways to clean more simply, quickly and efficiently […]

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Yikes! My Child has Head Lice … What do I do???

Yikes!!  My Child has Head Lice … What do I do? 001

  Now that the kids have returned to school and childcare, one thing you might find yourself dealing with is Head Lice (also called Nits).  It’s incredibly frustrating and, unfortunately, hardly anyone will be immune if there’s an outbreak at school.   So, what are Head Lice?   Head Lice are tiny parasitic insects that […]

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“Be My Valentine” Red Velvet Cupcakes …

Be My Valentine Red Velvet Cupcakes 003

  This is one of my favourite cupcake recipes and it’s perfect if you want to create a special dessert to celebrate Valentine’s Day with that someone special in your life. Simply use some heart shaped moulds, dust the top with icing sugar, add some strawberries (or other fruit) and you can serve up an […]

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