Kitchen Hints and Tips # 10 … A Simple Guide to Freezing Lemons …

Kitchen Hints and Tips # 10 ... A Simple Guide to Freezing Lemons 001

  As you know, I love to bake and lemon juice and lemon zest are two common ingredients that a lot of recipes call for.  Bottled lemon juice from the Supermarket is always an option, particularly if you have it in the fridge, but I often find it expires before I get to use the whole bottle and I usually end up tipping a lot of it down the sink.  It’s not that hard to prepare and the result is a ready supply of beautiful fresh lemon juice and lemon zest minus any chemicals or … [Continue reading...]

My Dental Experience in Thailand …

My Dental Experience in Thailand 001

    Please note, this is my personal story and an account of our experience when hubby and myself recently travelled to Thailand for dental work.  It is in no way a judgement of Australian dentists who, in my opinion, are qualified, well-trained, empathetic and ethical professionals.  It is also in no way a recommendation that everyone should book the next flight to Thailand, or any other country, to have dental work carried out.  The decision to have dental work, or any other … [Continue reading...]

25 Delicious Fillings for Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas and Bread Rolls …

25 Delicious Fillings for Sandwiches, Wraps, Pitas and Bread Rolls

  Very soon kids will be returning to school and parents everywhere will jump back into the routine of preparing lunchboxes.  Some kids crave the familiarity of having the same sandwich every day whereas there’ll be others who get bored and want variety.   Remember to check your school’s lunchbox policy to see if there […]

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Four Ingredient “Honey Joys” …

Four Ingredient Honey Joys

  Honey Joys are a sweet little snack that can be whipped up in next to no time.  It’s one of those “retro” recipes that’s been around forever but shows up every now and then.  They only need four common ingredients that will be found in most pantries and fridges and are perfect for a […]

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The Ultimate Laundry Guide for Anyone who Hates Ironing or Wants to Cut their Ironing Time Dramatically …


  Keeping up with the ironing is a major challenge in most households.  No sooner do you finish one pile than another seems to magically appear … it’s a never-ending cycle … wash, dry, iron, repeat!  It’s repetitive, tedious and certainly not my idea of a good time.  I’ve spent years trying to simplify my […]

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Almond Tahini Bliss Balls …


  These Almond Tahini Bliss Balls are a quick, easy, healthy snack for anyone on the go or perfect for Mum or Dad’s lunchboxes for work.  They do contain almonds so are probably best not sent to school due to potential allergies but are a great after school snack.  Tahini is a deliciously nutty and […]

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Bon Voyage … My Sweet Girl …


  My house is feeling a lot emptier than usual … 5 days ago, I said farewell to Miss 18 as she embarked on a Gap Year to the UK.  I’ve known it was coming for such a long time but it still managed to creep up on me until suddenly it was no longer […]

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Steamed Christmas Pudding … Gluten-free & Alcohol-free …


  Christmas is just around the corner and, if you’re anything like me, I love a beautiful piece of pudding on Christmas Day smothered in vanilla custard … yum … I can taste it already!   And although not everyone loves pudding, there are also many who would avoid it either due to gluten intolerance […]

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50 Gift Ideas for your Child’s Teachers …


  It’s often said that “it takes a village to raise a child”.  In other words, parents aren’t the only ones who will influence their children and kids will encounter many people throughout their lives who will all have an impact on how they grow and develop.  The role of some people will be small, […]

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Decluttering (Part 9) … What to do with the Items you no Longer Need or Want …


    If you’re just joining the “Mrs Organised” community … Welcome!  It’s nice to meet you!  Before you read today’s post, however, you might like to catch up on the first 8 parts of my series devoted to decluttering … simply click on the links below:   Part 1 … What is Clutter?   […]

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Halloween Poster … “Sorry but we have no more lollies” …


  Although it’s largely an American tradition, we’ve celebrated Halloween with our kids for years, especially when they were younger.  They’d excitedly get dressed up, then “trick or treat” in neighbouring streets and it was always a lot of fun.  Although the kids are now older, we still continue to hand out chocolates to any […]

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Simple Tips to Help you Tackle your Never-ending “To Do” List …


  Recently I shared a fabulous “To Do” list that you can download ABSOLUTELY FREE.  It’s the one I use every day to help keep me organised and on track.  I’ve created 2 different versions so you can choose the one you prefer:             Having a list is a great […]

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